‘New’ Libyan air force attacks city, NATO no-fly zone?

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This 19 April 2011 video is called Libya War: Victims of NATO bombing in Sabha.

Early in 2011, pro-Gaddafi armed forces in Libya fought against armed rebels. During that fighting, the governmental air force bombed ground targets.

The governments of NATO countries then had been, until recently, been quite friendly with the Gaddafi regime. Until Gaddafi proposed that the Libyan share of Libyan oil income should increase at the expense of the share of foreign Big Oil corporations. That, presto! changed the minds of NATO countries’ politicians. Suddenly, they started worrying about human rights in Libya.

The Libyan air force bombs became a pretext for demanding a no-fly zone in Libya, enforced by NATO air forces. Then, “mission creep” started. The no-fly zone evolved into a NATO air war on Libya. It killed not only pro-Gaddafi soldiers, but also many civilians (like in Sabha city, as…

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