Arms dealers infect British health service

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This video from Britain says about itself:

Gatecrashing the arms dealers‘ dinner

On 29th January 2013, the arms industry‘s trade body, ADS, held a huge dinner to bring together top-level arms company representatives, and their guests: MPs, journalists and MoD representatives. Priced at £230 a head, campaigners couldn’t afford a ticket, but managed to find a way in nevertheless..

By Solomon Hughes in Britain:

The arms-dealing company taking over our NHS

Friday 7th March 2014

SOLOMON HUGHES spotlights the Alpha Group which is making inroads into mental health services – and is failing dismally in its quality of care

A family of arms-dealers are taking over the NHS, thanks to health service privatisation.

They are being arrested over the arms deals. Inspectors talk about bullying and maltreatment in their hospitals.

In any sane world they would be thrown out of the NHS and the system that…

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