French Prime Minister Valls kowtows to racists, bankers

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This video is about mass demonstrations by young people in France in France against the deportation by Minister Valls of Roma schoolgirl Leonarda to dangerous Kosovo.

By Alex Lantier in France:

Incoming French Prime Minister Valls pledges austerity, appeals to far right

9 April 2014

In his speech yesterday outlining his political agenda, incoming Socialist Party (PS) Prime Minister Manuel Valls laid out plans for deep social cuts and made militaristic, law-and-order appeals to the neo-fascist National Front’s (FN) growing political base.

Valls’ speech testifies to the disintegration of bourgeois “left” politics in France and Europe as a whole. The Socialist Party’s response to its unprecedented defeat in last month’s municipal elections, due to popular anger over mass unemployment and austerity measures, is a violent shift to the right. Given the choice between making concessions to the working class or slashing workers’ living standards while stoking up…

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