david sylvian song


this is one of my fave (i have many) david sylvian’s recent works.
he is one the most amazing artist i’ve been following since the early 80’s.

(P.S. have not been taking many fotos lately.)

It’s the farthest place I’ve ever been,
it’s a new frontier for me

And you balance things like you wouldn’t believe
when you should just let things be

Yes, you juggle things cause you can’t lose sight
of the wretched story line
it’s the narrative that must go on
until the end of time

And you’re guilty of some self-neglect
and the mind unravels for days

I’ve told you once
yes, a thousand times
I’m better off this way
I’m better off
this way

Where’s my queen of hearts, my royal flush
I have cleaned and scrubbed her decks
a suicide, my better days
there’s nothing I regret

I’ve placed the gods in a zip-lock…

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