Attracted by the woman

Le Drake Noir

T 080

Daily prompt “Teen Age Idol

Fascination can come from anywhere – and had many different characters
fascination can be both good and bad – depends on the nature
one of the more ultimate, it’s hero-worship – it is often without conditions
it can be very rewarding, but it can also be dangerous.

Has never been a “hero worshiping man” or boy for that matter
not because of megalomania, not at all
maybe it comes from upbringing, don’t know
there are lots of people that I admire and who have taught me an enormous amount
there have been plenty of ideals also called role models

But I do not believe in heroes such as concept
everyone has a downside (thankfully) also heroes
all could be having a bad day (thankfully) also heroes.
Heroes have a tendency to crack sooner or later
this isn’t always the hero or heroine’s sake.

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