Playground of art


Waterfront platform

Travel to one of the most southerly places on Earth, and you’re in for a surprise.

TheMuseum of Old and New Art – MONA – has made its home overlooking a bay near Tasmania’s capital, Hobart. It’s the baby of wealthy art collectorDavid Walsh,who made his fortune from gambling.

If you’re expecting a stately trudge around an Australian Tate Modern, think again. You don’t even make it inside the doors and the outlandish architecture of the surrounds are a beguiling delight, with rusty metal ramparts and even an elaborate chapel tucked away on site.

Getting to grips with the collection is a novelty as you’re handed an iPod to navigate your way around floors of exhibits which dazzle, challenge and quite simply entertain, from water spouts which spurt out randomly generated words to the pungent-smelling cloaca, which mimics every part of human digestion.

There is also a…

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