AURORE LEPHILIPPONNAT    painter     France

My artistic research is based on the notion of impermanence, of link between Man and Nature (hence the choice of natural pigment and ink) and a desire to let go. The themes merge in the birth of the movement, often inspired by Butoh and the essence of Nature incorporated (bodies in nature, or nature in the body). ”

The line just to the form and draws paints without relief, in a minimalist style, gross in the invoice, the composition of body and mild in inspiration about the feminine energy.

Aurore Lephilipponnat

Ma recherche plastique s’articule autour de la notion d’impermanence, de lien entre l’Homme et la Nature ( d’où le choix de pigment naturel et encre) et un désir de lâcher prise. Les thèmes se confondent dans la naissance du mouvement, souvent inspiré de la danse Butoh et l’essence d’une Nature incorporée (…

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